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The team at ISPT recognises that people spend significant amounts of time in their buildings, and their responsibility to promote a positive working environment. They are committed to delivering inviting, flexible and productive spaces.

ISPT is committed to investing in property, people, workspaces and our service. Our respect for what you do motivates us to keep moving forward, pioneering new and better ways to help your business succeed now and into the future.

to great places

4 National Circuit, Barton, Canberra

4 National Circuit

Barton, Canberra

4 National Circuit is an award-winning, architectural triumph that acts as a vibrant hub for the surrounding buildings and working communities. Conveniently located in the heart of Barton and Canberra’s Parliamentary precinct, it has thoughtfully combined amenity and activation to create a thriving precinct for Canberra’s top Federal Government Departments.

George Place, 24 York Street, Sydney

George Place

345 & 363 George Street and 24 York Street, Sydney

This development situated in the geographical heart of Sydney’s CBD was completed in 2018 and has breathed new life into one of Sydney CBD’s busiest precincts

Creating Flexible workspaces

case study: 7 London Circuit

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

This attractive office fit-out within 7 London Circuit was the result of merging three offices into one. The flexibility and openness of ISPT and Knight Frank gave CSC the opportunity to explore unique ideas and create a space that fits their business purpose. The new office is fully connected, collaborative and open. It offers a range of workspace options to meet employee workstyles, including meeting rooms, quiet areas, touchdown points and café spaces. The result is an aesthetically pleasing workplace that encourages a social and productive office that inspires visiting clients.

‘ISPT have been 100% supportive of the look and feel of the office and are keen to collaborate with us for any works they are doing in the area.’

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation
7 London workspace


  • ISPT Super Property


    ISPT invests in property for some of Australia’s largest industry superannuation funds. In fact, over 50% of working Australians have their super invested in ISPT properties. For over 25 years, they’ve been creating modern, flexible and sustainable workplaces that inspire teams and bring building communities together.

    ISPT might be in the business of property, but it’s their commitment to growth for people, places and communities that really drives them. They responsibly invest the super of working Australians, which means they’re properties are not only created for you, they may be owned by you too. To check whether your super fund invests with ISPT click here.